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April 13th, 2021

We are working on updating the policies outlined below for this season. We will be introducing some policy changes. Please check back in soon and feel free to reach out to us with specific questions. 



Aug 3rd, 2020

The safety and health of our guests, staff, and their families remain our #1 priority. With that in mind, despite having been designated an essential business by the State of New York, we have been under temporary closure until May 22nd, 2020. We have used that time to prepare ourselves for the summer season. Already well known for our superior level of cleanliness, you can be confident that we are enhancing and expanding current practices to provide the safest environment possible for you, our extended family.

Our COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN outline is available below.

Under the safety plan, we are introducing  some necessary changes to the way our guests enjoy their stay at Motel Long Lake and Cottages, but we hope to preserve the sense of relaxation and hospitality that you have expected from us over the years and provide a well deserved break from the stress and disturbance that this pandemic and the economic turmoil resulting from it has brought to our lives.

Please stay safe and know that we will be here waiting for you. Feel free to reach out with questions, our staff is always available via email, phone, and our social media channels.

We reserve the right to change/update this information as new regulations and information surface


Danuta and Stanley Stryszowski 



COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN and the CHANGES it mandates [check back for updates]

To protect both our staff and our guests, we are aiming for a mostly contactless experience this season. We will also have limited staff, as we were not able to hire our student visa workers this year. This will mean the following:

  • Our staff has been tested for Covid-19. We are continually monitoring for symptoms, implement a mandatory screening assessment, and abide by strict social distancing policies.



    • Abiding by NYS regulations, for the safety of our guests, our staff and our Long Lake community, we ask that you wear appropriate face covering and keep a distance while having any physical interaction with Motel Long Lake staff. 

  • A hand hygiene ​station will be setup and maintained by our main office

  • Motel Rooms will not receive housekeeping service. Additional and replacement amenities will be available upon request.

  • Our Office will be closed. All check-in procedures will be shifted to a contactless procedure.

  • Our posted office hours will be virtual:

    • Instead of our walkie-talkie intercom system, we will install a video door bell

    • We are looking into other upgraded communication options

  • We are introducing a 24 hr blackout period between stays to allow us to sanitize rooms and cottages properly; this will mean the following:

    • There will be a 2 day minimum stay on all bookings

    • All weekly stays will be shortened to 6 days  [no longer applicable]

    • Some already booked stays may need to be adjusted to allow for the 24 hr blackout

    • Reservation balances will be adjusted accordingly

  • We will not be providing our complementary canoe rentals this season 

  • Our common space, aka "The Gazebo" will be open to the public.

    • Please be courteous when using the space​

    • Ping Pong, Pool Table, and BBQ Grill will not be available. We advise that you sanitize equipment before using. 

  • Our Beach will remain open [unless directed otherwise by authorities]​​

    • NYS Regulations require:

      • Beach capacity reduced to 50%

      • Except for the members of the same household/family unit, ensure a 6ft. distance between individuals, including employees and members of the public, unless safety or core function of a work activity requires a shorter distance [e.g. providing emergency assistance to a beachgoer].

      • Ensure 10' distance between blankets and chairs, except for members of the same ​household/family unit.

    • Picnic tables & lounge chairs will remain, we advise that you sanitize them before use. 

    • We encourage you to bring your own beach equipment, blankets, seating, etc.

    • We encourage you to practice social distancing

    • We will remove toys and hammocks

  • Our Playground will be open: sports equipment, games, balls, and other misc. items will not be available

    • We encourage you to bring your own sports equipment ​

    • We encourage you to practice social distancing

  • Amenities and towel exchanges will still be provided per request, but we ask that you use discretion.

    • We will have specific hours and instructions for ​pickups and drop-offs

    • We will have specific instructions for trash drop off 

  • Soda Machine and Ice Machine will be out of service. 

  • We have  a designated spot for deliveries and all packages go through a 24hr quarantine. This includes Laundry Services drop-off

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