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Pets at Motel Long Lake & Cottages

Motel Long Lake & Cottages has a proud history of hosting guests with their pets. For over a decade, we have been the only local lodging to allow pets. Long Lake has a wonderful local kennel for those who wish to board their pets, but if you wish to bring your furry family with you, Motel Long Lake & Cottages is the place to stay.

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Things to do with your pet

There are lots of walkable paths nearby. Most hiking trails in the area are suitable for larger dogs as well. While we do not allow dogs to swim at our beach, there are some beaches accessed by boat that are perfect. Some of our favorite summer walks are to The Growl and Grub for a bite to eat and a cold craft beer or The Park for some ice cream and a great coffee. Of course, please pick up after your dog and remember to keep your pet leashed on the property and while walking in town.

Where to stay with pets.

Any time of year

Main season only

(Tip Top is closed during the winter.)

Winter only

(These units do not host pets in the main season.)

We are also able to accommodate pets in one of our motel rooms during the main season. Please contact the office.


Pet Policy

All guests staying with pets are expected to review and sign the pet policy. These policies help keep our property a welcoming place for our furry friends, and we thank you for being mindful of them.

If you plan on bringing your pet with you, we can accommodate you together in one of our motel rooms and select cottages (Cottages #21, 22, 23 in-season and #10, 10a, 21, 23 in the winter season). Please understand that we can make no exceptions to this rule.

There is a $50 charge per pet for the entire stay.  We no longer charge a security deposit; however, we do require that a credit card be on file for security.  There is a minimum $200 fine for pets that cause damage or disrespect/violate this Pet Policy.

It is important that our pet policy be followed by all pet owners. Neglecting this policy will incur the fine.

1. Keep your pet on a leash while outside your room or cottage.

2. Do not walk your pet on the property. This helps prevent pets marking areas of the property and around the buildings. The short walk from the property entrance to the boat launch at the end of Dock Road is our favorite walk with our own pets. There are also miles of state land surrounding Motel Long Lake for your pet to enjoy. It goes without saying that all excrement should be removed, even from the wild, so please bring doggie bags.

3. DO NOT, for any reason, allow your pet in the swimming area or on the beach.

4. Pets are not allowed on our beds. If you are unable to keep pets off the beds, you must bring your own linen and bedding.

5. Barking and/or hostile dogs create problems and uneasiness with our other guests. We rely on you, the pet owner, to decide whether or not your dog will fit in.

Pets can be boarded at the local Long Lake kennel. Adilaska Kennel can be reached by phone at

(518) 624-2050.

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